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Star Harbor Days
the diary of a superhero writer
Well, it seems I'm keeping up my semi-pattern of every other story being really really late. I was making wonderful progress on having Sunday's story up before dawn, then I discovered a new (to me) webcomic and ended up reading it... as in, its entire archive... and that lead to all sorts of wonderful time wasting opportunities. All that, and I'm realizing I've got to get some more work done on my for-money stories.

So... this might be another five minutes to midnight one.
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In The Space Between Spaces.
At mere minutes to midnight on the appointed day... here it is. Record preserved! :P
...right here. 10.5 will be up later.
The October isssue of the AllWrite Magazine is posted, including this little story here.
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...but storywrite.com is partially down so I'm unable to post it. I'll go ahead and put it out via the e-mail form, and hopefully post the story later today.
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10.3: Perfect Reasoning... yes, Perfect as in Perfect. Enjoy!
Here she be. I do believe this is the latest in the day I've ever posted, but oh, well.
I am tired and burned out from other writing projects (fairly exciting announcements coming soon!) but this is a relatively short one and is 50% done. Expect it in the early afternoon.
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Get it here! See the author's notes for an important (and probably good) change to the schedule for the next two weeks, designed to help make sure this first volume goes out with a bang.