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So far, so good. - Star Harbor Days
the diary of a superhero writer
So far, so good.
So I just published the first issues of the new serials Fists of the Parakeet, The Hex Kittens, The Sands of Time, and of course, Star Harbor Nights volume 2. The results? Overall good. I left word wrap on before pasting the SHN story into the form I use, so the right margin might look a little ragged, but I viewed it through two different webmail programs and nothing too dire. I had three out of the four stories done in time to have them proofread by other people... but noticed errors in my intro text after I sent the stories out. For the future, I'm going to try to have the whole issue put together for the proofers... and I'm also going to remember to put a space in to credit them. :P

Anyway, overall, I'm satisfied. If you're not on the subscription lists and want to read these stories... or if you're just randomly viewing this journal entry and want to know what the hell I'm talking about, you can go here.
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From: crispiness Date: November 2nd, 2004 07:55 am (UTC) (Link)
Sweet! Haven't got time to read The Hex Kittens right now, but I read the others. Very good, as always!

Anyway, must rush, looking forward to interesting discussions with co-readers later. :)
From: crispiness Date: November 3rd, 2004 11:05 am (UTC) (Link)
Hello? Do I hear an echo do I hear an echo? Where'd everyone else go?

Anyway, I just read the Hex Kittens story and I was very pleasantly surprised. The On Tour series didn't grab me too much, but I loved this story. Probably because most of the story is hilarious bitchiness. :P I love the epilogue!

Are you posting these on storywrite.com still? *goes and checks* Apparently not! Fair enough. By the way, I just noticed that SHN 10.12 (The End) isn't listed on the page http://www.storywrite.com/list/6454. Might want to fix that, unless it's intentional to prevent people reading the last story first. :)
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