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Star Harbor Days
the diary of a superhero writer
It might be. I haven't decided. Before I had my website up and running, a LJ devoted to my Star Harbor writings made sense. Now there's no reason for people to check my journal to see if a story's been added to the website or mailed out, when they can just check their e-mail and the website.

In the meantime, I've added a non-SHN specific blog here.
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Woohoo! I've got my first story available for sale here! The story is called A Glass Darkly, and it's an episodic serial... you buy a month's worth of updates (8 stories, plus a freebie) at a time. You can view the free chapter at the website.
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So I just published the first issues of the new serials Fists of the Parakeet, The Hex Kittens, The Sands of Time, and of course, Star Harbor Nights volume 2. The results? Overall good. I left word wrap on before pasting the SHN story into the form I use, so the right margin might look a little ragged, but I viewed it through two different webmail programs and nothing too dire. I had three out of the four stories done in time to have them proofread by other people... but noticed errors in my intro text after I sent the stories out. For the future, I'm going to try to have the whole issue put together for the proofers... and I'm also going to remember to put a space in to credit them. :P

Anyway, overall, I'm satisfied. If you're not on the subscription lists and want to read these stories... or if you're just randomly viewing this journal entry and want to know what the hell I'm talking about, you can go here.
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I'm going to stop putting part of the message in the Subject line, because as part of my effort to cut down on the number of addresses Harborphiles have to check, I'm playing around with different methods of embedding my journal feed into the website, and most of the more streamlined ones don't seem to pick up the subject line.
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Here it is. I'm late posting the links, but it actually was up at midnight. :P I was just too drained to go through the motions of updating all the links to point to it.
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...but here it is.
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Five minutes to midnight again. :P I swear, I'm not doing this on purpose. Anyway, here.
Here it is!
Which means Monday's story is done! :P
And with hours to spare. :P Here ya go.